24 March 2007

21 Mar

Killed: 80 Injured: 52 Islamos Killed: 144 Islamos Injured: 1

In Thailand, Thai soldiers killed and injured in the Muslim Deep South.

In Indonesia, suspected militants are raided, and one is killed.

In Iraq, executed bodies, bombs, shootings, and a car bomb that used two live children to get through a checkpoint. In Anbar tribesmen shoot up the terrorists, killing 32. Allah akhbar!

In Somalia, fighting between mainly Somali and Ethiopian troops and Islamists. The latter set the formers' dead on fire and dragged them through the streets in a display of Islamic compassion.

In Nigeria, a Christian teacher is beaten to death by Muslim students, allegedly "for desecrating the Koran."

In Pakistan, Islamist Uzbeks, al Qaeda, Taliban, and Islamist tribesmen kill each other. Allah akhbar!